Anna S.

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Aiden loves using the oils.  Every night before going to bed he chooses what he would like for me to put in the humidifier: choices are: Peace and Calming, Frankincense and Lavender.  Frankincense usually wins. We started using Lavender for his sleep.  It seemed to help somewhat but he was still having trouble staying asleep. Night terrors continued. On the advice of Michelle, we switched to Frankincense and he has been sleeping 1000 times better.  Because of his asthma, we also use RC especially in the winter when his asthma is severe and he coughs all night long.  We now use RC in the humidifier at night.  Helps his coughing and stuffiness at night.  (Lavender also used during allergy season during the day for mine and Aiden’s allergies).
I also use Joy as my “perfume” not only am I always getting compliments on my lovely “perfume” but have received a lot of remarks on how I seem so much more at peace even though my schedule and life has gotten so much more hectic.
Definitely worth it.  Happy to have found them.