Hailey Patry

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Until we met Michelle, we did not know just how much our lives could benefit from her beautiful energy, her counseling and her guidance on how to successfully parent our highly sensitive son. Something was missing and we just couldn't put our finger on it. A level of happiness, understanding, spirituality and compassion was missing. With her incredible "whole child approach", unique tools and techniques specifically created for sensitive children, we have seen a huge shift. We learned to change our ways to better parent our son, support his needs and understand him more. He is happier, lighter, and less anxious. He is sleeping on his own now, which is something we struggled with for 9 years! He has become more aware of the world around him and our family has more hope now, through the work Michelle does, that we can heal and create ongoing happiness for everyone in our home. We also can see a much brighter future for our son, with endless possibilities. We hope that all families who would benefit, can readily access Michelle's programs and coaching services. 
The children are the future! "