Happy New Year Everyone!

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I am so excited to embark on a New Year of endless possibilities! I am someone who loves doing a year in review and setting new goals.

I love making resolutions, which is to resolve anything within me or the world around me I feel I need to and is within my control to resolve which allows me to move forward with greater clarity and confidence in my God given role and purpose.

Here are some questions you may ask yourself:

  1. How did your year go?
  2. What were the highlights?
  3. What was hard?
  4. Did you learn a new skill?
  5. Did you discover something about yourself that surprised you?
  6. Did you learn something new about another person that surprised you?
  7. What did you choose to let go of? What did you need to let go of? What or who let go of you? How are you with the art of letting go?
  8. What accomplishments did you achieve? Which ones are you most proud of?
  9. What was your greatest disappointment?
  10. What created the biggest amount of laughter and joy in your life this past year?
  11. Who did you help? What positive impact did you have in someone else's life this year?
  12. Who made a huge difference in yours?
  13. What clarity did you gain this year? What deeper insights did you come to know?
  14. Did your faith strengthen or wean this year? What was your biggest test of faith?
  15. Where did you triumph over fear?
  16. What new goals do you have for 2021?
  17. What new things do you desire to accomplish?
  18. What things do you need to resolve before you do that?
  19. What doors do you need to close?
  20. What do you need to say no to?
  21. What do you need to say yes to?

These are just simply a few questions you can ask yourself as you review the past year and step into the new one!

Taking the time to review, reflect and resolve are huge for me and have always served me.

Taking the time to outline and create a plan aligned with God's Will for me and watch it unfold year after year with all its twists and turns, ups and downs, and surprises along the way excites me!