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About A New Child A New Earth

A New Child A New Earth was established in 2010 from my own personal need to share what I had uncovered about myself as a highly sensitive and intuitive child in order to help shorten the road for children and parents by providing them countless tools I had found along the way that supported me and many others. I became a youth and family life coach first operating out of Ontario, Canada and now through the blessings of technology, serve clients all over the world. I offer in-person and online services through video conferencing as well as phone calls. My services include one-on-one coaching, family coaching, and coaching for groups in a variety of organizations and institutions. My services also include a variety of classes and workshops that can be offered both online and in person.

With over ten years of life coaching experience under my belt, I have worked with hundreds of children and families, counselors, teachers, and social workers, and countless other professionals in a variety of capacities whose focus is serving youth and families. I have worked with a variety of sports coaches in order to sharpen communication skills between coach and player as well as amongst players on a team as well to bring more harmony and cohesiveness to the team. The focus is a “whole child approach” that encompasses acknowledging the three-fold human being, body, mind and spirit as well as the full terrain of a child’s emotional landscape. 

My goal is to provide a tool belt of techniques and strategies to help a child better understand themselves and enable them to create an optimal environment for them to thrive as well as a multitude of skills to help them self manage, self regulate and navigate obstacles, adversity and discomfort when it arises. 

As a youth and family life coach, I continue to seek more and more skills and strategies to be of greater and greater service to the clients I serve. My practice has matured over the past decade with my Accreditation as a Certified Youth and Family Life Coach from the International Coach Federation, as well as my introduction to the use of Young Living Essential Oils as one of the many tools for my clients who desire a pure plant-based option to support them mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and we know essential oils are designed to do just that! Young Living Essential Oils have been an effective tool and compliment the work I do with clients in a variety of different ways with huge success!

This year (2020) has been challenging for many with the need for many many changes such as physical distancing, travel restrictions, job loss and so much more. Hence, in the coming year, I am looking forward to engaging with my clientele more and more through social media platforms and online streaming options and offering sliding scale options for those affected financially by the most recent situation in our world. I aim to provide an opportunity for those who seek support a way to gain that support and believe that seeking in itself is a huge step that needs to acknowledge in a world that sees seeking support as a weakness instead of a strength.

The A New Child A New Earth Difference

My client base consists of parents, children, youth and young adults seeking clarity about their current situation and how it relates to their future direction, goals and dreams. I am particularly interested in helping my clients identify their intrinsic innate gifts, talents and treasurers and allow them the opportunity to use them in a meaningful and fulfilling way to leave the legacy they desire to leave in this world. These conversations believe it or not can happen at any age and evolve as the individual grows and matures. 

As a coach, I understand and acknowledge that every life has meaning and significance and is vital to the whole and helping a client understand their particular role in the whole is also a focus of the coaching services I provide.

One aspect that I believe is my high level of emotional intelligence and intuition that has helped me connect on a deeper, more holistic level with my clients and my flexibility in payment plans and hours of operation.

What I feel sets me apart is my high level of compassion and commitment to the clients’ goals they have set for themselves as we as being able to believe in them and hold them to a higher standard than they may be currently holding themselves, which helps to diminish some of the negative dialogue they may be challenged with. I also am known to have excellent mediation and leadership skills to assist a family in creating greater harmony. When brought into a group setting or an organization to work with teams and/or staff the coaching I provide helps to identify unique skills sets and strengths within each individual that allows them the opportunity to shine in that role on the team and therefore heighten productivity and greater outcomes as a whole for the group and/or company.

My most significant achievements have been the steady expansion of my client list along with the fact that the majority of new clients are from referrals which is one of the highest compliments a coach can receive is your referrals. 

I have seen my clients see quicker results in a short period of time once they are willing to dive right in and do the work it takes to get there. I have had testimonials where individuals received greater insight and clarity in a one-hour session with me than months or even years of coaching with others in the past. I have a gift of getting to the heart of the matter, the real root cause of the situation. 

I am also incredibly proud to announce that in 2018 I became the very first Facilitator of the Internationally Accredited Kid’s Coaching Connection Program in Canada, trained by the founder of the program after working countless hours alongside her for many years before that opportunity became a reality.

My dream for the future is to create and bring to the world A New Child A New Earth curriculum that will transform the current education system and be a curriculum that then becomes adopted worldwide by other Kid’s Coaching Connection Coaches seeking to offer a whole new way of doing school that aligns to the world our children are born to usher in.  

While I am passionate about what I do, I am also conscious and caring about the environment and aware of the world we are leaving behind to our children and grandchildren and all future generations. I make it a point to personally implement processes into my business that support recycling and re-purposing and re-using. I also aim to use environmentally friendly products and materials wherever I can in my business.

And last yet certainly not least is the fact that I also believe in giving back. As part of that belief, I donate regularly to countless charities and organizations, offer “pro bono” sessions to children and families in need and donate hundreds of dollars or Young Living Essential Oil products to children and families worldwide. Giving back is also done with my time as a volunteer in my community with a variety of non-profits and charities that support the wellbeing of children and families.

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