The Kid’s Coaching Connection – 5 Module Training Program.

A Fully Accredited International Coach Federation Approved Program

Research has demonstrated that kids and youth today have more emotional needs than ever before. Depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem and more are on the rise. These imbalances strongly affect academic and life success.   

Kids Coaching Connection addresses these issues by training adults to help kids and youth increase their self-awareness through a series of powerful techniques. Self-awareness is one of the foundational requirements of Emotional Intelligence and is a strong component in academic and overall life success. No other program provides this coaching focus for kids and youth that is fully approved with the International Coach Federation and provides follow-up support.

The current and future impact of Kids Coaching Connection is staggering. Results to date indicate a positive influence on learning, a sense of belonging and increased capacity for taking on leadership roles for kids and youth.

The Kid’s Coaching Connection – 5 Module Training Program.
  • 2022/2023 Fall/Winter/Spring Dates:
  • 2023 Summer Institute Dates:


For each Module, the Participant receives:

  • a Box of materials for the course along with a binder and manual
  • 3 One Hour Follow Up Calls (dates/times TBA)

5 Module Coaching Program includes:

  • 15 x 1 hour follow up group calls to help continue to deepen the learning and practice the skills taught.
  • All materials and Manuals will be shipped out for the online training format and will be prepared and made available for students attending the course in person on the first day of each Module.

All Graduates are connected to the global roster of coaches on our website. They are able to come back and audit the program anytime and apply for assisting in the program as well to deepen the learning and work towards their ICF credentials.

A Graduation will be held for both:

  • Fall/Winter Students Oct 2022/May 2023
  • Summer Students July/August 2023

on Friday September 8th from 2023 from 5-9pm.

Payment Options:

Option 1
Pay as You Go
The 5 Module Course is $4975.00CDN plus HST = $5,621.75. You can pay as you go by paying $995 plus HST $1124.35 per course.

Option 2
Pay in Full
If you decide to pay in full, you receive 10% off, a savings of $497.50. The total for the entire course is $4,477.50 plus HST = $5,059.58.