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    Until we met Michelle, we did not know just how much our lives could benefit from her beautiful energy, her counseling and her guidance on how to successfully parent our highly sensitive son. Something was missing and we just couldn't put our finger on it. A level of happiness, understanding, spirituality and compassion was missing. With her incredible "whole child approach", unique tools and techniques specifically created for sensitive children, we have seen a huge shift. We learned to change our ways to better parent our son, support his needs and understand him more. He is happier, lighter, and less anxious. He is sleeping on his own now, which is something we struggled with for 9 years! He has become more aware of the world around him and our family has more hope now, through the work Michelle does, that we can heal and create ongoing happiness for everyone in our home. We also can see a much brighter future for our son, with endless possibilities. We hope that all families who would benefit, can readily access Michelle's programs and coaching services. 
    The children are the future! " 


    Hailey Patry

    Regional Vice President 
    Income & Expense Strategist
    416 797 5856
    Live the life you LOVE, and LOVE the life you live!!!

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    I met Michelle LeRoy at an event.  She had overheard me chatting with someone about my two girls who are very sensitive young girls. They had just lost their Nonna (Grandmother) and they were both heart broken, especially my 4 year who is now 5.  She was very angry that God took her Nonna away to the point she become very violent and hurting her older sister for no reason, as well as nightmares, out burst of crying at home and school.   Michelle walked up beside me and in the sweetest voice said I can help you with that if you want me to.    I have met a lot of people who say they support sensitive children and have found no benefits.  I felt like Michelle could really make a difference.  I trusted my intuition and set up an appointment.  I am so grateful I did.  My girls love Michelle and I do not say this lightly.  They really trusted her and I was able to see a big difference in both of them and learned to understand them better.
    I highly recommend Michelle simply be open and let her do what she does best.

    Carolyn Dickinson

    International Success Coach - Trainer - Speaker
    I Am The Boss Events
    SuperMom Entrepreneur

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    I met Michelle approx 4 years ago I could not have imagined the amount of joy, the transformation, the education, the support you would bring me personally.  And I know I'm not alone on this one!  In no other career could I have been allowed to become the person I was really meant to be.  Nowhere but here xo.  I know in my past jobs I attracted pretty big mentors into my field…..but you my Michelle, you take the cake!   Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the role model you have been.  For making me proud of the career choice I have chosen, for not compromising on your values, for being soooooooo caring and understanding and for your mentorship. Having you as my coach is truly a gift from God and I appreciate you everyday. xoxoxo 
    Love you with all my heart.


    Ontario, Canada

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    Hi Michelle, I'm sure you meet several people daily so I'm not sure if you remember me but I met you a few weeks ago at your talk in Bradford. Your talk was amazing and I really actually didn't want it to end!! I felt extremely drawn to you. Today I was looking over your website and was really excited to see that you are familiar with the work of Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now and a New Earth and that you are a life coach. I was lead to The Power of Now several years ago during a difficult period in my life and it served to be a very important spiritual awakening for me. I am definitely one who has always been connected with God since I can remember. It's always been something so personal to me as I feel like the people closest to me just don't understand that part of me. Another book I read at that time in my life was called Disappearance of The Universe by Gary Renard who speaks about A Course in Miracles. Thanks for offering your amazing gifts to the world! It will become a better place because of you.

    Jessica Connell
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    It was so wonderful meeting you today... Your energy is so wonderful.......Wanted to come and hug you.........Your meeting was so informative.......I have already shared much of what you taught us......At times, it was hard not to break into tears.... Much of what you had said about sensitive children sounded so much like me as a child......I remember feeling so alone.......Like I didn't belong in this world.....No one understood.......Day in and day out..........What a wonderful woman you are......Your children are so very lucky.....As are we at high vibe tribe for having the opportunity to hear you speak.....Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to help us all become the people we were meant to be.......Hugs!

    Karen Churchill
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    Aiden loves using the oils.  Every night before going to bed he chooses what he would like for me to put in the humidifier: choices are: Peace and Calming, Frankincense and Lavender.  Frankincense usually wins. We started using Lavender for his sleep.  It seemed to help somewhat but he was still having trouble staying asleep. Night terrors continued. On the advice of Michelle, we switched to Frankincense and he has been sleeping 1000 times better.  Because of his asthma, we also use RC especially in the winter when his asthma is severe and he coughs all night long.  We now use RC in the humidifier at night.  Helps his coughing and stuffiness at night.  (Lavender also used during allergy season during the day for mine and Aiden’s allergies).
    I also use Joy as my “perfume” not only am I always getting compliments on my lovely “perfume” but have received a lot of remarks on how I seem so much more at peace even though my schedule and life has gotten so much more hectic.
    Definitely worth it.  Happy to have found them.

    Anna S.


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    Our naturopath had recommended Michelle to me previously, but it wasn't until my son said that when we argued, he thought it might make my "heart hurt" that I knew Michelle was exactly who we needed to see.  On our first visit, my son connected with Michelle immediately, and talked and talked well beyond our scheduled hour.  I have had the privilege of sitting in on their sessions, and have been so impressed with the techniques Michelle has used.  It has helped me understand what is important to my son and our relationship has improved a lot.  Listening to their conversations and practicing at home has also helped me see how I can do things differently and how I contribute to the situations that come up.  I have seen real results in a short amount of time and cannot thank Michelle enough.



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    I have attended Michelles meditation classes and met with her for parenting support and guidance through the transition to motherhood. She is a very inspiring and kind person who has a lot of experience in these areas. She is extremely professional. I am very grateful for her support and everything I have learned from her. I would recommend her classes and one-on-one sessions for any parent craving more balance in their life and home.

    Tracy Wild

    Georgetown, Ontario

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    A New Child A New Earth Coaching and community provides a place where people can gather and celebrate Life.
    Michelle has created a Loving atmosphere and creates for the world a much needed environment.
    I can only anticipate the beautiful future that this wonderful community will help to create in our world.
    I found Michelle’s services and community in the depths of my despair and will continue to support her services and community in the Glory of Love.
    with Love,

    Daniel Salij

     Age 20